Bassa Reggiana Conference in South Korea Seoul, 26th of July, 2017. Patrizia Benedetti, pedagogista, and Giuseppe Vitale, pedagogista, held a seminar in Seoul, #Korea about the pedagogical experience of the preschools in Bassa Reggiana. 400 preschool teachers attended the seminar and discussed about creativity and different strategies to keep the curiosity of children alive. This exchange is part of the international relation of the Bassa Reggiana preschools all over the world, and the first held in Asia.

Alessandra Ferrari at Pinocchio (Frankfurt) Alessandra Ferrari, pedagogista from Bassa Reggiana, visited the preschool Pinocchio, specialized in bilingual education (italian and german) and discussed with the founder, Marina De Maria, former municipal councelor, and the preschool teachers about the development of leanguage in children. The relation with the preschools in Frankfurt, #Germany, started a few years ago and will develop into an exhibition in september 2017 in Bistum Linburg.

Workshop with Giuseppe Vitale The study visits from Barn Pedagogiskt Forum (three visits each year) use to attend a workshop with Giuseppe Vitale. The aim of the workshop was to investigate the graphic and narrative language with different techniques, expanding the horizon of experimentation and interacting with the surrounding environment, combining graphic techniques and nature, and vice versa. From informal to formal approach, the participants tried to give meaning to experience, binding the traces in small books with which the group wanted to analyse the experience of the visits in the preschools different points of view. The result was a a catalog of graphic emotions, feelings through the drawings.


Darmstadt, 26 september 2017 27th September 2017. A group from the Evangelic Center of Darmstadt (#Germany) visited the Nido LA stella, in Luzzara, and the preschool La Ginestra, in Poviglio, the 26th and 27th of September.

DGB Essen, 20th september 2017 26th and 27th September, 2017. A study visit from the Union of Workers DGB, Essen, Germany, visited the preschools in Bassa Reggiana 20th of September 2017. Study Visit operated in partnership with ISTORECO.

June 16th, 2017. Gothenburg. BRIC Final Conference Gothenburg, June 16th, 2017. The #BRIC project got to the dissemination phase with the International Conference held at the University of Economy and Law.

The whole day, 200 delegates from different Countries met and discussed about Young Children, Public Spaces and Democracy.

Preschool teachers, parents, politicians, school managers and university professors reflects about and around the relation between children and public spaces, trying to sort out ideas for urban planning, didactics, pedagogy and public policies. The conference had his focal point in the different workshops developed around the 18 good practices (6 from each of the three Countries, Sweden, UK and Italy) under investigation. Preschool teachers showed how to work with children in outdoor and indoor spaces as well as in and on pavement.

Tim Gill, keynote speaker, has offered a global perspective on child-friendly cities while Pia Williams and Sonia Sheridan concretely focused on the future of preschools.

The BRIC project will continue to develop in different ways and a comprehensive book is going to published, in order to spread and share the good practices experimented by the preschool teachers and by the children.

See the BRIC web site.

27 May 2017. Study visit from Seoul (South Korea) visiting the Nido Iride in Guastalla