EU projects

Progettinfanzia participated in several EU projects about early childhood education.

Parenthood 2.0

Parenthood 2.0 is a project funded by Erasmus+ and is a so called strategic partnership (K2) between Stadsdelsförvaltningen Västra Göteborg and Unione Dei Comuni Bassa Reggiana. The goal of the Project is to develop the quality of preschool education through parents’ understanding the role of preschool in education. Through parental participation the project will increase the quality of education and hopefully reduce early school leavings. The priority ”Enhancing the Quality of Early Childhood Education and Care” is therefore an overall priority for the Project, which means the assurance that all children should be allowed a good start in their education. The project can be summarized as to: 1. Create knowledge about data, gathering data and presenting the data as a means to improve the quality work 2. Create mutual knowledge and experience of how to analyze these data for learning 3. Based on the data, develop sustainable and new forums and arenas, physical and digital, for cooperation and participation of parents, families and citizens 4. Through this enhancing the quality of early childhood education and care and as a consequence creating understanding of the importance of education and by doing so supporting schools to prevent early school leaving. The Preschool can also be a part of the integration process of new comers by creating forums for meetings between families and with a focus on children’s opportunities for a good life through education, this project can ultimately strengthen democracy, understanding of human equality and quality in preschool. The participant of the Project are Preschool Directors, Pedagogistas and other relevant stakeholders that can contribute to project. Parents will also be involved in the Project. The project will be followed by researcher Tarja Karlsson Häikiö at the University of Gothenburg. If you’re interested in knowing more about the Projects progress – you can do it here!

Shaking the habitual (2015-2017)

Shaking the Habitual is a EU funded project about Early Childhood education and gender equity. The aim of the project is to raise awareness on stereotypes and gender bias in early education, focusing on the different behaviours of teachers. The project application Newsletter of the Project meetings Report of the project

BRIC. Young Children, Public Spaces, Democracy (2014-2017)

The BRIC project is a EU funded action research about Young Children, Public Spaces and Democracy. The partners are ASBR (Municipal Preschools in Bassa Reggiana, Reggio Emilia, Italy), the Barn Pedagogiskt Forum, Goteborg, Sweden, and the University Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge, United Kingdom. The project started in 2014. Web site Guidelines on community engagement See official video summary See also video 1, video 2, video interviews and video vignettes.